“Voodoo Lounge” @ Istiaia Café on Friday 28th of May

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by bellevuesituation

“Voodoo Lounge” is a brand new allnighter by Belle Vue. New faces and location but the same finest vintage sounds and bands that you know very well!

“Istiaia Café” is the lounge of Istiaia’s, 5* Hotel, at that beautiful part of North Evia island. In this great room, with external swimming pool and in front of the Evian gulf you can enjoy, except your cocktails and odd drinks, the top sounds of sixties underground by Belle Vue DJs and two eclectic bands, live on stage. “The Good Times” formed a few months ago by musicians who belong into the scene. Now they start a new project and they try to play the ‘root’ sounds. The Barbara Farmers is the band that has no need to introduce. Their live performances at Belle Vue Weekenders, at “Stop The Clock” fest and at many others, give us their ‘id’ and that we can expect from them.
The Vol.I “Welter Confession” compilation by Belle Vue is out now! This looks like a cheery item! 250, hand numbered copies, of these ten rarities, that never compiled before, in upper class parcel accompanied by info and the Vol. X of Belle Vue press! In this 56 –groovy colour pages- you can enjoy an exclusive interviews and artworks by artist in 21st century and beyond!
The real cool item for the hip shakers and hand clappers!Aidipsos was a strong famous 60’s resort and still keeps this glamour of the past.

Band’s performances starts at: 9:30pm sharp!

Smart people welcome!

Belle Vue

The Bands:
The Barbara Farmers
At the beginning of 2006, 5 gentlemen try to play some covers of their favourite sounds. After about four years they’re almost completed the first recorded and they are still forward for a new adventures. The Barbara Farmers is a folk punk quintet who loves to make lives, parties and to celebrate with friends that they are in the same ‘state of mind’!
We can expect from them a set of groovy cut riff guitars, snotty vocals and backbeat rhythm section!
The Good Times
It's the entertaining band from your high school prom dance. A rocking and rolling quartet waddling around from Athens-Greece to Saragosa-Spain and bringing on the dance floor all your favorite tunes: from Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent to Dion & the Bellmonts and Ronettes, and from Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry to Beatles and Bobby Fuller Four. They'll do the twist, the stomp, the mashed potato too, any fun dance that you wanna do. So come on everybody and let the good times roll.
The DJs:
Mr. Belle Vue
He is the founder & member of "Belle Vue Situation", that runs from 2001 and co-producer of the record label "Belle Vue 45's Series" which released several records, strictly on 45 rpm, by bands of nowadays and, with Sakis, the pax behind the compilation “Welter Confession”.
As a DJ, I prefer to spin up tempo Popcorn and strong Rockin’ RnB sounds, after a long period into the Garage - Psychedelic era. I love the sharp tailored clothes, Chelsea boots and vintage vehicles.
I like to meet old and new friends enjoying together Greek delicatessen and local wine and I’m looking forward to live in a house in the country with a flower garden, cellar, pets and swing!
During the past, I’ve DJ-ed in Germany , Italy and I have been invited from several clubs around Greece .
Don’t ask me what you have to expect from me. Join the club and be sure you will leave a lot of litres of sweat on the dancefloor!
I dislike hangovers and people with bad vibes.
My Top 5:

* Trummor & Orgel: Somebody Stole My Thunder

* Zu Zu Blues Band: Zu Zu Man

* Faces: The Wind

* Sir Guy & The Rocking Cavaliers: Funky Virginia

* Larry Trider: Carbon Copy


I felt in the boiler with the lysergic 60's sounds since i was a teen! Now my middle

aged brain is still infected by theese sounds! Since 2001 i'm running with my bro

Mr. Belle Vue, the Belle Vue situation including weekenders like Belle Vue Weekender,

club nights like Modernground Express,
Athenaeum Cave , Rhythm Stone and Modernistas

Pleasure, live shows, art exhibitions, the Belle Vue Press 'zine and the Belle

record label!

We collaborated with bands like Sonics, Frank Popp, Five Aces, Big Boss Man, Seeds,

Sick Rose, Mojomatics, Gonks.etc and many many international dj's!

Also working for some posters and flyers for the scene! I like record collecting,

the one 45rpm obscure bands, ebay, soccer (Larissa F.C. fanatic supporter), greek

food, good wine, beers, travelling, dancing, my job as an architect, cinema, arts,


Basically I'm in the white side of the era like Psych Garage, and Freakbeat

also I can dance with the black sounds! Djing here and there is always cool for me!

Top 5:

* Sense of Humor: Secret Thought

* Sandie Shaw: Reviewing The Situation

* Neptune 's Empire: Witchita

* The Most: Sea Of Misery

* Twelve 76: The Way You Make Me Feel
Belle Vue


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